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Usage of elastomers in the arrangement of sports and playgrounds is practical and durable. EPDM granules are one of these synthetic materials.

EPDM granules almost a quarter consists of natural rubber, which gives it special properties. First, it is hypoallergenic, i.e. The material can be safely used for arranging children's play and sports areas. Secondly, it does not contain toxic components. The third advantage of EPDM-crumbs, in comparison with similar materials, is resistance to ultraviolet radiation and temperature changes, therefore the coating of this substance is suitable for usage outdoors. 

Binder is a polyurethane adhesive used to create coatings for sports and playgrounds, an arrangement of enclosures for animals, ramps, and so on.

Sruface EPDM
Quality High polymer content for extra durability, standard granule size 1-4 mm
Application Outdoors and indoors facilities

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Covering does not demand additional components as glue is one-component substance;
There are no harmful volatile substances like solvents in this glue;
Coating will have all the requested qualities - elastic, wear-resistant, resistant to weather conditions temperature fluctuations, as well as cleaning and detergents.
Polyurethane binder is available in several versions that have these or other features. Our specialists will select the exact polyurethane adhesive that is needed to obtain a high-quality coating with the appropriate characteristics.

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