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Advantages of EPDM for Tennis:

Good adhesion. Does not allow the athlete to slide on the surface and gives confidence to the player.

Injury safety. Coating absorbs shocks and does not cause damage to the athlete when he/she fell.

Orthopedic properties. Good shock absorption, inherent in high-quality rubber and rubber relieves the joints, legs, and spine.

Permeability. Porous surface easily absorbs moisture and removes it by evaporation, so in the shortest possible time, the front layer of the field becomes almost dry.

Tennis court marking lines. Marking is applied to the surface after the device has been set and the coating has set. Special surfaces from EPDM rubber have their own marking paint on polyurethane base, which is applied to the surface by experts.

Indoor and outdoor tennis courts. We can carry out the construction of indoor and outdoor tennis courts.

As a tennis court fence, we use light 2D and 3D panels, which are painted with a special polyurethane paint, which during operation does not dim, deteriorate or corrode. We also have 2D and 3D panels, ranging in height from 2 to 4 meters. Ease of construction, new style, bright colors and fast without soldering assembly.

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