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Are you interested in high-quality tennis court coverage? Ekipflex has a solution for you. We offer to your attention a sports coating based on acrylic materials and consisting of a different number of layers, providing the necessary level of comfort.

There are a variety of acrylic blends that allow you to achieve the necessary rigidity and elasticity of the coating. Ekipflex company will install self-leveling coatings consisting of three or more acrylic layers. With the growing number of softening layers, the comfort of the game increases.

Tennis coating Hard has an excellent reputation in the world of tennis. It hosts international tennis tournaments of the highest category and other major competitions.
All our coverings meet the requirements of professional tennis. They are certified by international standard.

Fans and masters of tennis sports deservedly appreciate Hard for its comfort and predictability. Owners of tennis courts are attracted in this kind of coverage:

the possibility of decorating;
wear resistance;
ease of cleaning, etc.

We guarantee excellent quality of coating, as well as its maintainability.

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