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Synthetic coating consists directly of the "pile" and the base. The pile or grass is made from polymers of the mixture, and the Foundation, typically made of rubber. The quality coating has a drainage layer. It is necessary for the outdoor lawn: without this layer of water will be retained on the surface.

The fake lawn has a number of advantages. First, the grass does not need to be fertilized. So, no money is spent on expensive funds, no pesticides are used. Here we note that there is no need to mow the lawn. Care for it less than an ordinary lawn.


Secondly, this lawn is ideal for children or just active people who like to run, jump and play on your site. The appearance of the grass from such loads does not suffer. In addition, injuries occur much less frequently. Artificial turf is not slippery, more elastic and even comfortable.


Third, the grass does not need to be watered. When the plastic turf just appeared, experts have calculated how much water will be saved on the football field alone. It turns out that the average field took more than a hundred thousand liters per week. Of course, the size of the site is more modest than the size of a football field. However, time and money costs for irrigation are significantly reduced.

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