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Versatile, creates an excellent balance between friction and sliding. Differs in ease in operation and installation, profitability, durability and durability in use. Provides a good ball bounce and protects athletes from injury. Operation needs to be carried out in any footwear, but without thorns. Before coating the surface must be treated from dust, dirt, various oils and other foreign substances.

It is a multi-layer system based on acrylic layers and a shock-absorbing substrate. It has high adhesion characteristics, resistant to mechanical loads and UV radiation. Reduces the load on the leg joints.

Hard coating is of 3 types:

• “Hard Hard”

Self-leveling coating, which is great for tennis courts and hockey rinks, whether open or closed. Fits in 5 layers on concrete or asphalt base

• “Softened Hard”

It consists of special rubber granules and acrylic latex emulsion, the appearance is very similar to hard hard, is also used in outdoor and indoor sports fields, in bulk in 7-9 layers. The top layer is restored, so the coating does not require special care. Provides good cushioning for better gaming comfort. Externally similar to hard hard. Perfect for tennis courts and ice rinks.

• Coating "Hard on a rubber backing"

It is also a self-leveling synthetic coating, which is well suited for tennis courts, reduces the load on the muscles and joints of the legs. The total thickness of the coating is 5-7 mm, but it depends on the thickness of the substrate and the number of layers of acrylic polymer. Mounted on concrete, wood or asphalt. This coating is used in open and closed areas, as well as in winter it is possible to pour a skating rink on it.

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