Lokilux Grass

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It is made by blending curly and Monofilament yarns. Offering a beautiful and natural look thanks to the curvy lines between them, LokiLux is suitable for use anywhere in the backyard of your home, up to the greening of the golf course.

Due to the reduced maintenance costs, our preferred product has been developed to cate for your viewing pleasure and you live in a more green space.

Shape Flat
DTEX 10500/6
Matherial PE

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Safer Alternative

Artificial grass for playgrounds is a safer alternative to other options, like wood chips or sand.

The grass offers a nice cushion that is soft, which helps protect from injuries from falls. It also is good for those who may be in wheelchairs because it offers a smooth surface that will let the wheelchair safely and easily move about. With other options, like wood chips or sand, you get displacement, leaving the hard ground underneath visible and increasing safety risks.

With artificial grass, this does not happen, so it is always safe.

Keeps Kids Clean

With other ground covering options, there is a lot of mess.

Kids play rough and end up getting dirty. Sand, wood chips and even regular grass can stain clothes and leave kids a mess after playing. With artificial grass, this is not a concern because it is clean and won’t leave kids covered in grass, sand or dirt.

Long Lasting

Other options wear out quickly or get so displaced that more filler must be brought in.

With artificial grass, this does not happen. It takes about eight years until it needs repaired or replaced.

Artificial grass for playgrounds offers a nice alternative ground cover. It makes the playground area safer for all kids, offers a cleaner environment and last a long time without the need for repair. This option will save money and just provide a better playground environment that will last for years.

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