Ekipflex II

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Polyurethane two-layer structural spray coating, flexible, seamless, water impermeable Type N, machine installed “in situ” (directly at the construction site). Sports shoes with spikes are allowed.

Total thickness of the surface: 13 mm
The colour of surface at customer`s request.

Sruface EPDM
Quality PN-EN 13877:2014 standards, IAAF certificate number S-06-0066, hygienic attestation, test on contents of heavy metals
Application athletics tracks (recommended), multi-purpose sports fields (optional), outdoor sports venues and recreation centers

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epdm surface

1. PRIMING LAYER: Primer Tetrapur 25 concrete, Tetrapur 25 A asphaltic conrete 0,2 kg/m2

2. BASE LAYER: SBR Rubber mat Tetrapur 154 1,65 kg/m2, Granules SBR 1-4 mm 8 kg/m2

3. SEALING COAT: Pore sealer Tetrapur 1101,5 kg/m2

4. TOP WEARING LAYER:  Spray systemTetrapur134 / Tetrapur 135 1,2 kg/m2, Granules EPDM 0,5 - 1,5 mm 0,8 kg/m2, Rubber dust

CLOSING LAYER:  Closing lacquer*  Tetrapur 90 0,25 - 0,3 kg/m2,  Line paint Tetrapur 91 0,02 - 0,03 kg/rm.

* as an option, to prevent the surface from abrasion and UV radiation, it is recommended to spray it twice with the PU lacquer

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